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Parched gardens, watered for free
There are not many free things left in life
Peace of mind can be sitting in your backyard
Our environment is sensitive, we need to take care of it
Water rates? Nope, I don't have those
Water Rates

Water rates have increased steeply over the last ten years and this is only going to get worse. Using rain water around or in your home can reduce your water rates, or even eliminate them!

Drought Protection

In the peak of summer when your neighbours are under strict water restrictions, your lawn can be lush, your veges thriving and the kids laughing and playing under the sprinkler

Emergency Preparedness

The Christchurch, Japan and Wellington quakes have taught us all to be ready for the big one. Water is the single most critical element to surviving a natural disaster. If you harvest rain you could be self sufficient indefinitely...

Environmental Courtesy

It does not make any sense to put pressure on municipal resources and increase your councils carbon footprint when you can quietly and cheaply harvest your rain.

Bundles to suit any need

Regardless of the driving force behind your desire to take control of your water supply, Urban Rain have the right bundle solution and our service will take all the pain out of your rain water harvesting decisions and installation.

From having a water barrel for emergency supply through to taking your house 'off the grid' Urban Rain have put together bundles of quality products to provide you with a reliable self suffecient water supply that will provide years of trouble free service.